When You See What She Made, You’ll Never Look At Water The Same

How to Make an Edible Water “Bottle” or Bubble

This is SO cool!! Meet the innovative edible water “bottle” called the Ooho, designed by three London-based students. This blob-like creation is a no-waste alternative to plastic water bottles since the gelatinous membrane that surrounds the water can be eaten. Here, Inhabitat’s Yuka Yoneda shows you how to make your very own edible water bottle using the process of spherification.

If you want to impress your kids and be the cool mom in town, surprise them with this awesome project!! They’ll LOVE it!!!


– 1 g of sodium alginate (a natural substance derived from brown seaweed)
– 5 g of food-grade calcium lactate (a type of salt that can be found commonly in cheese and gum)
– A bowl filled with 1 cup of drinking water
– Another bowl filled with 4 cups of water
– Another bowl filled with water for rinsing off the “bottles”
– An immersion blender (you could also use a regular blender)
– A deep spoon like a measuring spoon

I Already Did
I Already Did

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