You Will Never Text And Drive Again After Watching This, We Promise!!!

This is a message to everybody who thinks that texting and driving is ok as a firefighter I have seen a couple of these crashes already and they are not fun to be on so always think twice about picking up that cell phone well behind the wheel so please DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE SAVE NOT ONLY YOUR LIFE BUT OTHERS!

Never in my life have I felt chills down my spine just by watching an ad. This is so powerful, it’s crazy. Even more so when you realize that this is something that occurs on a daily basis. People should be smarter than this.

What would you say in a situation like this? How would you feel? Apologies mean nothing at this point, just an overwhelming burden that you’re about to take someone’s life. You’ll never text and drive after this, I promise. It will change you.

If you know anyone who does, share this, this could be them.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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