You probably did not know why you do these 6 Embarrassing Things



You’re in the car rocking out to the radio with your friends when suddenly everyone is looking at you because you think Jimi Hendrix was crooning about kissing a guy. There are websites devoted to misheard song lyrics, so we’ve all done it at some point.

The scientific explanation is that when we talk to someone, we understand some of what they are saying by watching their lips move. If they have an accent or it’s loud, we can fill in a lot of the gaps we would otherwise have in what they are saying by looking at the speaker’s face. When we listen to music, we don’t have that visual, and end up mishearing things. And once we do sing those wrong lyrics they become difficult to forget; it is far easier to remember something set to music than when someone is just talking.

I Already Did
I Already Did
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