This was the worst prank I have ever Seen. “I dont know if they are all going to fit in my apartment!”

Davis and his girlfriend have been together for two years, and they just love surprises. But, so far Davis was the one who has been surprising his girlfriend with all sorts of nice things. This time she decided to have a little prank with him for change, and after setting up the cameras all over their apartment, she made a hilarious video.

The idea was to order a thousand roses, arrange to deliver them to the apartment, and foot him with the bill! Of course she had to make some preparations. So, the couple went for a brunch, and after arriving home, the crew comes up knocking on the door, and started bringing in the flowers. Can you imagine a 1000 flowers in one room! She was playing excited, and Davis did not know what is going on, and when the delivery guy handed him the bill for 3.625 $ he was shocked, and started explaining that he did not order those.

It was just hilarious, and she could let him crack for a little bit, before she told him that everything was a prank.

[youtube id=”NX-IxQY2LcY” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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