Woman Is Sick of Getting Pulled Over By Same Cop, She Turns On Her Camera And Captures Everything

Getting pulled over by a police is not what anyone likes. No matter if you did not do anything wrong, it still can get stressful. Also, many people have skewed perceptions about police officers, and think they just want to write them a ticket. The entire internet is flooded with videos of ‘bad cops’, and that certainly does not help. In reality, big majority of these hard working people do their job honorably.

Angelica Smith from Florida has a problem with one particular cop who keeps stopping her whenever he sees her car. When she got tired of it, she decided to take a video. The situation starts typically, “License, insurance, and registration, please”, but then turns into something completely unexpected.

It looks like having a dad who is a cop can have some annoying sides. However, people find him very sweet and we completely agree. Check out the hilarious video and SHARE to spread a laugh.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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