Woman Wears Tiny Shorts in Public, But Keep An Eye on The Couple in The Back…

Surely a girl who walks through a park in hot pants has to attract attention, but can you imagine just how much. Well, YouTubers Immature Life wanted to see how Londoners would react to this sight so they sent their hot friend wearing tight shorts go out in public. A 24-year-old Kaysheen Whiteley made quite a show and they caught it all on tape so we can have some good laughs watching it.

Check out how this guy’s girlfriend reacted after he failed to avert his gaze from Kaysheen’s bottom, and don’t forget to catch the most disturbing moment when she walks past a man sitting on a bench. Well, I did not expect to see this! What do you think, how would you react? Feel free to tell us in the comments.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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