Woman Saves Chimp From Medical Lab. 18 Years Later She Ignores All Warnings And Reaches Out Her Hand

For years chimpanzees were routinely used in laboratories for medical testing until recently they were listed as endangered species. Doll and Swing were among them, but luckily they got their freedom much earlier. Thanks to a woman named Linda Koebner, they are now having a normal and happy life.

These amazing primates spent their entire lives in captivity, and their chances of survival in the wild were not so big. They needed to find a new home, and adopt new skills to help them survive. Linda spent years helping Doll and Swing acclimate to their new lives in the sanctuaries.

Nearly two decades later, Linda came back to visit them, but she had no idea if they would even recognize her. The moment they saw her again was truly magical and touching. Their faces broke out in big smiles, and they could not stop hugging her. Amazing!

This video left me completely covered in tears. Watch the heartwarming reunion and SHARE with all your friends animal lovers.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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