Pregnant Woman Pulls Down Her Pants In Car, Then Husband Realize What’s Going On…

Lesia and John are proud parents of two but they were always sorry they did not take videos of their births. Well, now when they are pregnant with their third child, they decided they were not going to make the same mistake. Little did Lesia and John know it was going to be like something out of an action movie!

The Texas couple were heading to the hospital when Lesia realized she is just seconds from giving birth. As they race down the road she started screaming louder and louder and then she saw her baby’s head! The little guy could not wait any longer and was born in the car during the ride.

The entire scene was just amazing, and definitely not something we get to see every day. Congratulations to the happy couple and way to go for a brave Mom.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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