Tourist Sees A Monkey Hiding Something Strange… She Takes A Closer Look, And Her Jaw Drops

Back in 2008, amateur photographer Anne Young visited the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in the Ubud region of Bali, Indonesia. She had an idea to capture some interesting shots of wild monkeys. They can be quite entertaining and she was hoping to catch at least one of those situations. Never in the world Anne expected to make the photos of her lifetime!

One of the monkeys caught her attention immediately. He had something in his hands and was obviously trying to hide it from the camera. Anne made a few steps closer and then she saw it. The monkey was cuddling a ginger kitten! A truly unbelievable sight and definitely not something you would expect to find on a jungle floor.

There are many stray animals in Bali, and this cat probably got lost. But, the most interesting thing is that she is not running away. And monkeys accepted her as a part of their troop. She obviously like it here and it looks like she found a step dad. They are such an amazing duo!

Anne was very lucky to capture this footage and so are we. Check it out and SHARE with all of your friends animal lovers.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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