Wild Horses Storm Unsuspecting Beachgoers, And You Can’t Imagine What They Are Going For…

There is no better way of spending a few days off the work then by going to the beach. I completely agree, and this is exactly what lots of people had on their mind when they decided to visit Assateague Island in Virginia. But, they probably never even dreamed they will have some problems with the local residents. In this case it was a herd of wild horses who joined them on the sandy beach but not to take photos with them..

These adorable wild ponies rummaged through the tourist’s belongings, apparently they were trying to find some tasty snacks. The unsuspecting beachgoers were pretty surprised by this funny situation and had no idea how to react. By the way, this island has the population of over 300 ponies and they made it quite clear they find these place their home.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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