What happens when you shoot a Firework Rocket under the Frozen Lake!?!?

If you are a fan of ice fishing, then this video might interest you regardless it has nothing to do with fishing at all. The fact is that ice fishing can be a very fun outdoor activity, and it is very likely that the fun was the main idea of these guys.

The video was posted by Nils Bremer, and he he and his friend were trying to find out what would happen if they launch a firework rocket under the frozen lake. You have to admit it is one of a kind idea, and this experiment attracted quite a lot of attention on the Net. So far they have about 2.5 million hits on Youtube. Everything happens on a frozen lake in Sweden, and as you probably already predicted the rocket flies under the water and explodes.

Check out the video, and please do not try this!

[youtube id=”3CliXVIDRmE” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

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