This Is What Happens When Some Wild Animals Get A Bit Drunk. What A Wild Party!

This video is a cut of a documentary film from 1974 called ‘Animals are Beautiful People’, and this part is particularly interesting. It shows a fun view on an animal life, and reveals a little known fact. When you check out the clip, you will see monkeys, baboons, elephants, and other wild life animals behave a bit strange, some would say that they look like drunk people.

If you share that judgment also, you might not be far from the truth. For some reason animals in the wild enjoy eating the rotten, fermented fruits of the Marula tree. The Marula Fruit is very juicy and aromatic and is the size of a small plum. It may be eaten fresh and the flesh has an extremely high vitamin C content. It may also be cooked to produce jam, juices and alcoholic beverages.

That is why they struggle to move, or swing like a drunk human would do. Nevertheless it is just hilarious, check it out, and share please!!!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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