What happens when a Woman comes to Pick up a Prescription from ‘Walter White’!

We have seen some great commercials so far this year, and this one is just as good. If you are a fan of ‘Breaking Bad’ series, than you will love it for sure. This is the longer version of Esurance ad featuring Bryan Cranston back in a familiar role.

The shorter version of this commercial, about 30 seconds, aired during the game, and now we are offered full ad to enjoy once again with Walter White. This time he finds himself at a Pharmacy in a familiar outfit. When some woman comes to pick up a prescription, she meets ‘Sorta Greg’. He explains that they both do with ‘drugs’, sorry the right word is pharmaceuticals. Don`t know about you, but I would think twice before picking up a prescription from this guy.

It`s so awesome, check it out, and share please!!!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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