What happens when a Cute Poodle catches Golden Lab’s Eye! Hilarious!

This hilarious video is actually a commercial by Subaru. This time they wanted to create something funny, and at the same time promote their cars. They were obviously addressing to the people who love dogs, or have pets, when they filmed this cute clip. So far, we have seen numerous videos with dogs,and cats, but this one is so great.

What you can see is the “Barkley” family in the car, and they are set so good, just like humans. The father is driving, next to him is his loving wife, and in the back of course, their cute little puppies. The funny situation emerge when they stop at the crossroad, and the beautiful poodle passes through. She obviously catches Dad`s eye, but Mom did not like that at all, as she gives him the death stare. Hilarious!

Check it out, and share please!!!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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