4th-Grader Was Called A “Sissy” For Wearing Pink to School. Next Day, Mom Sees Teacher And Ends Up in Tears

One day, William Gierke went to his school wearing his “Tough Guys Wear Pink” shirt. He was more then excited because he wanted to show his support for breast cancer awareness. William may be young, but his amazing act proves he thinks like a grown up. The only problem was that not all of his classmates thought the same.

Other students called William a “sissy” for wearing pink and it was too hard for him. He came from school in tears that day, and did not even want to come back. William`s mother was heartbroken, but she still encouraged him to be strong and go anyway. Next day, he sent her a photo that left her in tears…

William’s teacher, Mr. Winter, saw what happened and decided to step in. That entire week, he wore a pink shirt to school every day to show support. You can only guess what it meant for the little boy.

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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