Watch this Guy’s Reaction To His Girlfriend’s Pregnancy! Hilarious!

Men don’t always react to pregnancy the way women do. Men and women often look at pregnancy differently so when you decide to tell him that you are pregnant don’t criticize him if he doesn’t react the way you think he should.

Well, in this video Dale finds out that his wife is pregnant and his reaction is definitely one of a kind. “Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!” I simply can not stop laughing. Video was posted a few days ago and it has been viewed over half a million times since late last week. It was posted by mungerrachel1 and she wrote under it “Me telling my husband i’m pregnant. He was REALLY excited. Our daughter was born on November 1st, 2014”

I loved this reaction of Dale and I certainly would love to see how he reacted on his daughter`s birth. It was certainly without competition too. Anyway congratulations Dale!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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