Watch it, Giant Whale Shark Incoming!

Diving. It can be a fantastic experience, but sometimes you ask yourself, why I did not stay home an watched tv!

A diver Chris Coates encountered a giant whale shark in the Atlantic ocean. Whale sharks are the world’s largest fish, reaching lengths of 30-plus feet and  these docile plankton-eaters are often seen by divers at destinations such as Hawaii, southern Mexico and the Sea of Cortez.

As you can see, his fellow diver tried to warn him that the shark was approaching – but it was too late, and the shark ran straight into Coates.

And while the whale shark’s diet does include vertebrates, our diver friends weren’t really in danger of being eaten. “Despite its size, the whale shark does not pose significant danger to humans,” points out Wikipedia. “Whale sharks sometimes even allow swimmers to catch a ride.”

Maybe all this over-friendly shark was trying to do was give the diver a lift..?!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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