Two Dogs Spot A Man Getting Out Of His Car, Then They Recognize Him And Happy Tears Running All Down My Face

Joshua is a war veteran who went through some rough time upon returning to civilian life. He felt like he was all alone in this world and it was hard for him to find light. But, then he got Panda and Mama, two loving dogs who helped him and supported him when nobody else would.

Unfortunately, Joshua was forced to move to California and he could not bring his dogs with him. Panda and Mama were left behind in Louisiana, and since then they have barely eaten anything. Joshua missed his dogs very much and could not bear another second without them. Two months later, they are finally going to be reunited…

The moment Panda and Mama saw their Dad coming out of his car is just priceless. They were jumping all over him and could not stop kissing him. The most important thing, they are eating again!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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