Couple Can’t Afford To Tip Waitress, But Offer An Alternative. She Immediately Falls To Her Knees

Working as a restaurant staff is not an easy job. You need to please every customer and at the same time always have a smile on your face. Even though you give your best on the job, it’s not uncommon if you are left without a tip. On the other hand, most of those hard working men and women rely on tips to pay the bills. This is just the case with Chelsea Roff.

Chelsea works at Spring St. Smokehouse, and everyone recognize her as an amazing person. Even though she struggles financially, she still manages to maintain her composure. This young woman has raised her sister since she was a little girl, she’s battled with an eating disorder and her car is a piece of junk. If anyone deserves a break, it’s Chelsea.

This waitress is about to have her best shift ever and it is going to change her life completely. Something strange is going on with Chelsea’s ‘customers’ today, but she is yet to find out the awesome truth. Watch the best happy prank ever, and tell us what you think about it.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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