If You Came Across This Odd Looking Critter, DO NOT Touch It! What it Can Do is Frightening!

It is just unbelievable how something that looks so cute and friendly can be so scary. If you see this insect wriggling it`s way up a tree or across the top of a fence, remember not to touch it. Walk away from it and warn others who may be nearby. Because of how it looks, this insect is commonly known as the puss caterpillar, and those fluffy-looking hairs are actually spikes, loaded with venom!

These venomous puss caterpillars usually stays high in the trees, but sometimes they show up on the ground and curious people are often being punished with painful stings. Reactions to the venom typically aren’t fatal, it`s sting is comparable to that of a jellyfish, but they can be quite severe.

Watch the video to see what to do if you come in contact with this fuzzy Critter.


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