They Sneak Up on Her From Behind And Surprise Her With Something Awesome! Check This Out!

There was a time when singing serenades was a regular custom if you wanted to win a girl, and it is quite a shame we don`t get to see that picture more often today. No matter how musically untalented you are, if you give your best it’s pretty much guaranteed to at least get you some cuteness points with your significant other. Or, you can hire these guys to do it for you, cause they are just awesome!

YouTuber Stuart Edge gathered a couple of friends to play a little Valentine`s Day prank on some unsuspecting girls. They dressed well wearing white shirts, black pants and black ties and decided to give them a lovely romantic surprise by singing them serenades. Most of these women were shocked when they sneaked up on them but after a song or two and a rose in their hand they were all wearing a big smile on their faces.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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