This Family Was in Disbelief When They Checked Their Security Camera Footage And Caught An UPS Driver Doing This…!

We all know that Christmas is a time of sharing and spreading happiness to other people, and always around this time people get more generous and carrying. This means of course and some extra tips for those hard working service men and women like it was in this case. Some family left a hefty tip for their UPS driver, but they definitely did not expect an epic happy dance he performed on their front porch.

What you can see on this video is a guy who arrives at the house and delivers down the packages. He than found a generous gift left for him and started performing something that looks like an Irish dance. Oh, it was so great and this family sure had some good time laughing when they checked their security camera footage. It must have been a really good tip, but this delivery man definitely earned every penny.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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