A Customer Complains About an Order of Stale Cupcakes. Now Keep your Eye on The Box… That Was So Amazing, Great Work Guys!

You now how they say that bed luck never comes alone, well if we would ask Sharon about this, she would certainly agree. For this woman who is into cupcake business, an entire past year was just terrible. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she lost her younger brother, and her youngest son has a degenerative disease. Because of the enormous medical bills, she was falling behind on the lease and she really needed something to restore her faith.

Jackie O, one of the radio DJs at station KIIS 1065, heard her story and decided to help Sharon, so she prepared her a big surprise. Jackie pretended she was an unsatisfied customer who wants to return a box of stale cupcakes, but actually there were no cupcakes inside the box at all. Wait to see what was inside and how Sharon reacted!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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