An Actor Steps Up to Perform at The Grand Ole Opry. What He Sang Gave Me Goose Bumps! UNBELIEVABLE!!

Grand Ole Opry is worldwide known as a show that made country music famous, and every musician dreams to make a performance at this stage. For an actor who is also a singer, Jonathan Jackson, that lifelong dream came true when he got his chance to sing one of the most classic and iconic songs of all time. “Unchained Melody,” has been covered by many artists so far, but this rendition is certainly one of the best ever. I am sure that even great Elvis would be congratulate Jonathan on this performance.

Watch the video and enjoy Jonathan’s lovely voice. The crowd at Nashville obviously loved it and the cheering by the end of his performance is the best proof of the amazing job he did. And please share this amazing performance with your friends and family on Facebook!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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