Daughter Was Having Fun Dancing in the Car, But Check Out How Her Mother Reacted! Seriously, LOL

When you have a long and boring car trip in front of you than you obviously need to think out how to make it more enjoyable. There are number of things you can do, but of course you always have to keep in mind not to disturb the driver. Well, a young lady who calls herself ‘Isla The Great’ was driving in a car with her mother when she decided to make this road trip a little more hilarious, and she was not the only reason why this video went viral!

By braking it down to several hit songs and performing some crazy moves, she  kept the fun going, but her mom`s cold reaction was the real puzzle here. She was behind the wheel and did not feel amused at all by her daughter`s fooling around. We can not really tell what she was thinking, or maybe she was just wondering what did I do wrong to deserve this! However, these two are an amazing duo!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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