Her Twin Sings A Famous Song… But Then Watch The Girl On The Right. Absolutely Awesome.

This video is a part from The Ellen Show, and you will be amazed when you hear these identical twin girls singing. There are many amazing facts about twins, and the connection between them is with out a doubt very strong. So strong, that sometimes one can feel what the other is feeling. These two 10 year old girls are not just the same on the outside, they are also both blessed with huge talent. They play the guitar, and sing with such beautiful voices that will blow you away!

Their names are Abby and Sarah, and they have been singing since they were four years old. Ellen did not want to miss this, so she invited them to the show. These adorable girls have put a wonderful performance of Sam Smith’s Medley. So young and sing with such maturity, it was amazing. Ellen of course had to reward that talent, and gave them a very special gift.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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