These Twins Are Born Holding Hands, But Wait Till You See Them 2 Years Later….

When she was nineteen weeks pregnant, doctors revealed to Sarah that her twins were Monoamniotic. They shared an amniotic sac due to this rarest form of twinning that happens in one in 10,000 twin births. Twins suffering from this condition have less chances of survival. But, these girls proved that they are stronger than statistics and were delivered via c-section at 33 weeks.

Jenna and Jillian were born 45 seconds apart, and just moments later, doctors witnessed an unbelievable bond between them. While a nurse was holding them for their mother to see her newborn babies, these twin girls hold their hands. Everyone present were stunned with what they have seen, and the image quickly captured national headlines.

2 years later, Jenna and Jillian are still inseparable, and they are much close than before…

I Already Did
I Already Did

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