Truck Driver Sees Horrific Crash Then Jumps Out To Help. What Dash Cam Captured Is A True Miracle

A trucker, David Fredericksen was driving on the freeway in Biloxi, Mississippi, when he witnessed a horrifying scene. Right in front of him, car smashed into a truck and burst into flames. Immediately, David ran outside to help, hoping people inside were still alive. What the camera on his truck captured was nothing less then a miracle…

Chances of anyone surviving such a terrifying crash were slim, smoke and fire was everywhere. While he walked towards the burning cars, David prayed he wouldn’t have to pull half burnt victims out of the wrack. The metal was melting, but somehow a little girl and her grandmother were still alive.

David’s heroic act and how he pulled them out of the vehicle were just incredible. He was certain that God put him there to save that family. What he saw that day made him pray more than ever before.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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