Ship Sinks To The Bottom Of The Ocean. 3 Days Later, Rescuers Make A SHOCKING Discovery

Roughly two hours before dawn, a tugboat in the Atlantic ocean near the coast of Nigeria was hit by a wave and turned upside down. There was no help anywhere near and sadly the ship carrying 12 sailors sank down. The authorities assumed there were no survivors and waited for three days to send a diving team.

The rescue team’s mission was to recover bodies from the ship at the bottom of the ocean. It was pitch dark and divers were using their flashlights to investigate the vessel. At one moment, one of the rescuers noticed something was swimming towards him. He pointed the light to that direction and could not believe his own eyes.

It was a crew member, ship cook Harrison Okene who somehow survived three days at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. Without any food in an air pocket he managed miraculously to stay alive with sips of Coca-Cola. This is the actual footage from his incredible rescue.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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