They Tried To Trap A Puppy, and His Mother Rushed To Protect Him! Check out The Amazing Rescue!

Hope for Paws have performed some incredible dog rescues so far, and this one is not an exception. Audrey and Eldad Hagar have done truly wonderful things for these abandoned animals, and we have to appreciate their work. This time they have saved a homeless mother and her puppy and it was incredible.

They received an info about the two dogs who were living near the freeway, and they rushed to help. They quickly found them, and decided to catch the puppy first. They were afraid that it would run through the opening in the nearby fence and onto the freeway, so they had to act carefully. With the help of local residents the puppy was trapped and the concerned mother came to protect her baby. After she realized that they were not going to hurt the puppy everything went fine. The two dogs were named Oreo and Cookie Monster, and now they are waiting for some good people to adopt them.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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