This Innovative ‘Transparent Truck’ Allows Drivers to See The Road Ahead… And It Will Revolutionize Road Safety!

If you have ever found yourself on a busy two-lane road than you certainly know the frustration of being stuck behind a giant truck. Trying to overtake such a long vehicle can be very dangerous and one of the main reasons for that is because you can not have a clear view on the road ahead. Driving at night makes this task even more terrifying, but it seems like now we have a genius solution.

Samsung has came up with an innovative approach for this problem. People behind this company found a way to make road safety much higher and the result is the ‘Samsung Safety Truck’. They incorporated a built in camera on the front of the lorry and 4 giant screens on the back to display its front view to cars behind it. This makes a lot easier for the car behind the truck to overtake it safely. Don’t you just love technology? Tell us what you think about this, and share with your friends and family on Facebook!

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