Their Tour Guide Jumped In The Water. Then The Alligator Swims Up? OMG!

His name’s Lance Lecrosse and he was our tour guide as well. Dude is pretty insane, unfortunately he didn’t go in the water when we went but he still fed them and stuff. Even got to hold a baby gator. In a zoo a guy explained to me that alligators don’t recognize people nor have this ability to like another being like most mammals do when they get feeded by humans. In conclusion, you can give food every day for years to an alligator and one day it will eat you without even realizing that you are something else than just meat…

We’re always been warned against the dangers of wild animals and beats. This guy jumps right out of his boat and into the water with an alligator! The fun doesn’t stop there though. After that he swims around the the gator and then feeds him right from his mouth! Being brave enough to feed an alligator is pretty cool! Would you jump in?

I think the alligators imprinted on this guy from when they were born, so he’s like their mother but Not Safe at all. Didn’t we all learn something from the death of The Crocodile Hunter? We have to do better job respecting wildlife.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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