This Tortoise Lost Its Shell In A Forest Fire, But Then ‘The Avengers’ Did The Amazing!

Freddy the tortoise was a victim of a bush fire in Brazil and he ended up with burns on his front legs and all over his shell. Due to his injuries, Freddy lost it`s shell and had very little chances of surviving. But sometimes miracles happen and in this case miracle came in the form of a group of pioneering surgeons known as The Animal Avengers.

These guys decided to help the poor animal by reconstructing her hull using the 3D printing technology. Veterinarians, 3D designers, and a local artist, were all working together to turn this idea into reality, and soon Freddy got a new 3D printed shell. This team of animal rescuers and wonderful people did an amazing thing for the poor animal which probably would not survive without it’s hull. Now Freddy has become a proud owner of the first 3D printed shell.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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