What These Guys Are Using Their Toolboxes For is Just Incredible! Check Out This Performance!

If you are going to judge according by what you can see on this video, than traditional music instrument are not required at all if you want to create some fine music. It seems that a Bavarian music group Alpin Drums found an entirely new way of drumming. They do not need drums and cymbals, they can do just fine with their toolboxes and the tools inside, but what comes out of their drumline is just awesome!

This video was filmed at some tavern in Hirzinger, and it seems that this group of people had some good time over there. The only thing I wonder is who came up with an idea to create something like this! Nevertheless, these guys are amazing and I my favorite is definitely the guy behind with a locker in his hands. Check out the entire show and enjoy!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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