Mom Hears Noise Coming From Baby’s Room, Then Turns On The Monitor And Finds Her Praying

Putting your baby to sleep can be quite a task, and sometimes you might even catch yourself dozing before your little one. Just when you think they are finally asleep, you might find them smiling at your face. Not an easy job, I have to admit, but with time you get used to it. Well, one 2 year old managed to surprise her Mom in the most unbelievable but heartwarming way!

Kathryn Whitt put her little one to bed, but later on, noises started coming from her room. Naturally, she immediately turns on the baby monitor to check her out, but could not believe her own eyes!

Apparently, her daughter Sutton has a little bedtime ritual, but because it was a little late that night, they skipped it. That is what Kathryn though, but Sutton refused to sleep before doing what she did every night. That is how her mother caught her saying prayers in bed.

This sweet little girl thanks God, her parents, her grandma and many other people which we do not know. The best part is that she did not forget to thank Santa Claus and someone named Duckie. She really is amazing!

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I Already Did

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