Tiny Dog Walks Up To Police Horse. Seconds Later, The Entire Crowd Turn On Their Cameras

People may be considered the more evolved species, but we can still learn some valuable lessons from animal world. Things we may have forgotten in the haste of our normal daily lives, like forgiveness and generosity to trust and unconditional love. Not every animal is alike, but we often see them becoming the most unlikely best of friends.

This little pup named Frenchie just stumbled upon a rather large police horse. Dogs and horses do not share much in common, but these guys clicked on the first look. Frenchie was very excited and obviously wanted to play, but he forgot that his new four legged friend was on active duty. Still, he had no intention of giving up, and their sweet interaction gathered quite a crowd.

Something entirely else was in the spot that day, but these two completely stole the show. Check out the heartwarming video and see why 5 million people have fallen in love with it.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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