This Woman Walked Around NYC With No Pants, And No One Noticed!

Would You notice if next to you walks a hot girl wearing nothing else but panties? According to this video, no, You probably would not!

The main actor in this video is the model Leah Jung and they sent her parading through the city, wearing nothing but painted-on jeans. This was a social experiment conducted by Model Pranksters and it`s purpose was to see just how observant New Yorkers really are.

A team of professional make up artists literally painted the jeans on her naked body, and we must say they did a great job. And the result was stagering! No one noticed, even though she walked around the city, took a traing ride, visited a baseball stadium. She even asked a girl at the mall to check out her jeans, and nothing. At the very end when she stopped by the ATM machine, one guy took a photo of her with a cell phone obviously thrilled.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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