This Was The Smartest Dog In America, And His Legacy Will Never Die

David Hartwig lived a modest life working with horses and fixing horseshoes, when one day, he noticed that a friend had a litter of puppies in his barn. Realizing that he hadn’t gotten his wife a Christmas present, David decided to take one of the puppies home with him. But in an odd turn of events, when he was halfway home, David decided to turn around the exchange the first puppy he picked for a second puppy – one who was standing by himself while all his brothers and sisters were snuggling together.

That decision ended up changing David’s life forever. Skidboot, as the dog was named, grew up to be an energetic puppy. Realizing that the ranch pup needed some discipline, David – who has a natural way with animals – started to train him. In about five minutes, a bond between David and Skidboot was formed, a bond that would span 14 years, almost every state in the US, and numerous TV appearances.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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