This Squirrel is new Steven Spielberg!!!!

Squirrels are extremely intelligent creatures. Among many interesting stories about squirrels is the one when Iran found 14 squirrels near their border with espionage equipment, they did the sensible thing and arrested them. Ok, maybe the squirrel from this story is one of these tricky spies.

I guy who posted this video left a GoPro camera on the ground, naturally when our “secret agent” found it, he just picks it up and runs it up the tree with him to shoot a short film, of course! After a while he just through it out from the tree, probably to destroy the evidence. We are just kidding of course.

So you are now probably wondering where is the catch here, and here it is: “I attached a piece of bread to my GoPro, and a squirrel picked it up and carried it up a tree. After eating the bread, it swiftly discarded the GoPro.” That is what is written under the video, and that is what the squirrel wanted actually.

But, you have to admit, it made you laugh, right?

I Already Did
I Already Did

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