This Sexy Couple’s Performance Will Blow Your Mind! I Don’t Know If This Is Crazy Or Awesome

As the saying goes, “Fashions fade but style is forever”. And sometimes, it is easy to forget how much style has changed in the last 100 years.

From flapper dresses to crop tops and ’60s tie-dye, there are plenty of iconic trends and now you can relive it all in just 100 seconds.

In the video, a couple dance through a run-down of 100 years of fashion, dance and music — and it’s incredible!

The video, was originally created to celebrate the opening of of Europe’s largest mall, Westfield Stratford City, opens with the dancing duo dressed in the fashion of 1911 – and proceeds to speed through the next 100 years.

Witness the evolution of style and music in this upbeat and fascinating performance. Fashions fade but style is forever. What decade of fashion do you like best?

I Already Did
I Already Did

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