This Guy falls for the same prank over and over again! Hilarious!

This video is so amazing, I just can not believe how this girl kept tricking her brother through the whole year long. The Prank is so simple, every time her brother thought they were going to take a picture, she would turn on the video, and he have fallen for this so many times.

Jillian Haker is the girl who posted this hilarious video, and she spent 2014 tricking her brother into thinking they were posing for picturing, when in reality she was capturing the moment on video. Her brother fell for it over and over again, but the best in all of this is his reaction. How can anybody get pranked on the same joke over and over again? It is so funny, the look on his face when he realize that he have fallen for countless time, it is just priceless.

Jillian had a nice comment for the video, “The ultimate goal would for this to go viral so I can meet Ellen… Or Taylor Swift”. So far this video has nearly 4 million hits, so Jillian prepare yourself.

[youtube id=”myG0dFbfCHk” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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