This French Buldog is just 12 wks old, but He already knows some Tricks!

Maybe You think that this video is just one of many others with puppies and dogs, but this one is so adorable and it will show you how many tricks a 12 weeks old puppy can learn in just four days. Many more than you think.

His name is Brody Brixton, and he is from California. Brody has some impressive talents that include crawling, high fives and ringing a bell. His owner has done some great job here. I guess you have to be really dedicated to what you are doing, and to put in all your love to teach a puppy this young so many tricks. Also, a bag full of treats is inevitable of course.

Brody’s owner explained best what he have learned by now, “So far he’s learned sit, stay, down, come, shake paw, turn around, crawl, ring a bell, and is learning to weave. We are hoping he will be a therapy dog one day like his Sis Misa Minnie. He is home trained in Sunny California and loves his toys and napping in sunny spots”.

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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