This Family’s Sitting On A Picnic Table, But When They Stand Up? This Is AMAZING!

I love furniture that serves many purposes. After all, I live in a tiny apartment, so the more all-purpose the better! Here’s an awesome piece of furniture that’s perfect for small patios, backyards, garages — anything, really!

As outdoor living and dining become more popular, the ‘Pub Style’ picnic table that convert into a bench is an ideal, practical item of garden furniture. Constructed from sturdy, long-lasting timber, not only is this picnic table great for family meals outdoors, but also converts easily to a comfortable two-seat garden bench! How cool?!

Versatile and useful, this is a must-have for any family looking to save space and show off for their friends.

Attractive piece of furniture easily converted to a picnic table in one easy move. The bench is versatile and space saving and is ideal for the smaller Patio or perfect for apartment balconies. Provision for parasol use. Each piece is bespoke and constructed in solid timber.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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