He Was Hiding In This Cave For 25 Years And When He Finally Finished His Work… UNBELIEVABLE!

Many of you have probably visited some caves over the years, and you could see the impressive display made by nature, but these caves are a little bit different, their beauty is maybe even more impressive, but the only difference is that they are handmade.

An Artist Ra Paulette spent last 25 years making this work of art. Every day he was working in these sand caves in New Mexico, and over the years he turned these dark caves into amazing places where light and sand transform into beautiful shapes. Everything was done by hand, using just a pickaxe he hacked a labyrinth of 14 caves into sandstone cliffs. He was inspired by nature and he wanted to explore it, but on the other hand he wanted to explore himself also.

He was making various rooms, with tunnels, because without them the light could not brake through, and it would be pitch dark inside. Now, these caves became quite an attraction, but Ra Paulette hopes one day they will find some other purpose, beside the artistic one.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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