Texas Cowboy Sees A Horse Trapped As Flood Waters Rise. His Heroic Act Is Now Going VIRAL

We are all aware of the situation caused by Hurricane Harvey. People are struggling to survive and the areas have been devastated by the flooding. If there is anything good in this sad times it’s that the community had teamed up and work together to save lives. Two such heroes are father and son Chance and Rowdy Ward.

These men have left the comfort of their home and are making huge efforts to save as many people, horses, and livestock as they can. One of their act of heroism had recently went viral and people are being grateful for their good deed.

They managed to rescue a feisty stud who was trapped in his pen. The floodwaters were rising fast and the horse started to panic. Rowdy put a rope around him and opened the gate to set him free, but keeping him calm was not an easy task. The most important thing is that the stud is now safe.

Thank you guys for all your work, you showed the world what true bravery is.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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