A Couple of Guys Went on A Shark Fishing Expedition, But Then They Saw THIS Swimming in Circles…!

When Rob Kurdy and his buddies went shark fishing they probably never even dreamed that they will end up in a rescue mission. About 6 miles from shore in the New Jersey sound they noticed something strange swimming in circles. They were curious to see what it was so they moved in with caution, only to get shocked with what they found!

A shivering deer was floating in the water and these guys knew they had to do everything to save him. They could not allow him to drown so they had to find a way to bring him to the shore. They used a rope to make a makeshift lasso and were able to get around the deer and carefully pull him back to shore. This incredible rescue mission was going on for 3 hours, but at the end they felt very happy to save this deer’s life. Great job Guys!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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