A Frightened Child Steps Into The Courtroom To Testify, But Wait To See What These Bikers DO…

The facts about child abuse are just terrifying and sadly every year so many kids become the victims of sexual or physical abuse. A group of bikers known as Bikers Against Child Abuse or BACA have a mission to come to the rescue to every child who need help badly, and they are doing so by creating a safer environment for abused children. They may look rough on the outside, but they are all wonderful people and thanks to these guys, every child knows that they never have to feel alone and afraid.

Members of BACA will do everything it takes to help those children in need, like standing in front of their house through the whole night to make the kid feel secure. They will also escort them to court, to school and to therapy, and for that, people all over the country are loving them. Watch the video to see their story and share please!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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