This Teenage Girl Agreed To Meet Up With A Complete Stranger, And This is What Happened! Shocking!

This video has been created by a YouTuber Coby Persin and his idea was to conduct a social experiment which will show just how aware kids today are about the dangers of social media, and the results were staggering! Facebook, Twitter and others are great places to spend time and connect with your friends and family, but on the other hand children should be warned that communication through the internet can potentially lead to terrible things like a child abduction!

Coby has agreed with the parents of 3 teenage girls to test their awareness and see what happens when he (a strange man they do not know) represent himself as a 15 year old boy and begins convincing them to meet. None of the parents did not believe that their girl would even respond, but they were in shock when they saw how many other dangerous mistakes she made!

Check out the video, and spread the story with your friends and family!

[youtube id=”6jMhMVEjEQg” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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