12-Year-Old Sneaks Away Mom’s Sewing Machine. The Reason Why Will Melt Your Heart

A boy you are about on this video is truly extraordinary. His name is Campbell and he is a little different from his peers. While most of them like to play soccer or video games, Campbell spends all his extra time on the sewing machine! His passion is making stuffed animals and so far he created more than 800 teddy bears. The reason behind this is even more impressive than his bears.

Campbell started sewing teddy bears a few year ago. He found a pattern online and began working on his first project. He was working so hard and when his Mom asked him why he is doing this, Campbell said so he could give presents to sick kids at the hospital! This amazing boy couldn’t bear thinking of kids without a toy to cheer them up in a hard time.

That is how everything started but it’s the motivation for such an act of kindness that will melt your heart.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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