Tattoo Artist Loses His Arm, But Then A French Artist Makes Him THIS… AMAZING!

JC Sheitan Tenet is the tattoo artist who loves what he does for living, but unfortunately this became much harder after he lost his arm. Today he is a proud owner of the world’s first prosthetic arm designed specifically for him, and as you will see it looks just incredible. More something that you would expect to see in a video game, then a fully working prosthetic arm.

Tenet received the prosthetic from a French artist named JL Gonzal who used an existing arm prosthesis as the base of this creation. Gonzal integrated pieces of a typewriter, manometer, and various pipes to Sheitan’s existing prosthesis to give Sheitan the ability to make tattoos. This is now the world most famous tattoo machine, and it is indeed mind blowing!

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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